Game Night is Here Again!

New to Go?  Want to learn how to play the world’s oldest game still being played?  Come join the Wauconda Go Club for our regular game night tonight at Middleton’s on Main from 6pm – 9pm.  Beginners are welcome, as are players of all strengths.  Hope to see you there!

Here we Go again!

Stop by Middleton’s on Main tonight between 6 and 9pm to enjoy a round of the world’s oldest game!  We meet in the upstairs restaurant.  If the weather is nice, we’ll probably be out on the balcony.  All levels are welcome, and for anyone interested in learning, we’ll teach you.  Hope to see you there!

We’re On The Front Page Of The AGA!

The American Go Association posted a news article about the Wauconda Go Club in the E-Journal and on the front page of their website today!  This is good news for the Wauconda Go Club, since the AGA is probably the best way to connect us to go players in the area that may not even have a home chapter.  To any go players in the deep Northwest Suburbs, the Wauconda Go Club is looking for players!  Hope to see you on Wednesday night!

First Meeting Tonight! (But Don’t Expect A Lot)

Tonight is the first meeting of the Wauconda Go Club, but don’t hold your breath for an onslaught of players.  We’re just getting started, and we’ve done almost no advertising yet.  This Saturday is the regular meeting of the local Wauconda Library Go Club, and we’ll be advertising there for sure.   It would be nice to get at least 1 regular player from there.  We have also sent out introductions to all the local go clubs letting them know we’re here, and to send anyone that lives too far for them our way. 

If nothing else, tonight will give us an opportunity to take some pictures for the website and all the social networks of where we’ll be playing at Middleton’s on Main.   But we’re already on the AGA website, and who knows?  Maybe some go players will find us!

And A New AGA Chapter is Born

Today, the Wauconda Go Club was officially founded.  So far, it’s little more than yours truly, but I have hopes of one day developing a small, but passionate group of players.  For anyone in the vicinity of Wauconda, Illinois looking for a reason to get out of the house on a Wednesday night, to have a few drinks, and perhaps play a few lively rounds of one of the world’s oldest board games, the Wauconda Go Club is here for you. 

I have made arrangements with the wonderful owners of Middleton’s on Main to give us a place to play each Wednesday, which should give us a nice place to play along with some public visibility.  We’ll take up a few tables in the upstairs part of the restaurant.  Weather and previous reservations notwithstanding, we may even be able to play on the upstairs balcony. 

I probably have enough boards for us to play with for a while, but if you have a board you like to play with, feel free to bring it.  I’m looking for all levels of player from total beginner all the way up. I’m looking forward to meeting new players in the area, and establishing a few regular players.  Hope to see you soon!