It’s A No-Go For Tonight!

Sorry, folks.  Contrary to my last post, the Wauconda Go Club is taking another week off due to the holiday.  The next meeting should be next Wednesday, December 3rd at Middleton’s on Main in downtown Wauconda, IL.  Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving holiday, and hope to see you back at the club next Wednesday!

Time To Go Again

It’s Wednesday again, so that means another Wednesday Game Night at Middleton’s on Main in downtown Wauconda.  The Wauconda Go Club invites players of all levels out to play Go in a comfortable atmosphere.  Never heard of Go before?  Come out and see the game for yourself.  After all, millions of players worldwide can’t be wrong!

On another note, due to very light attendance, this will be the last weekly club meeting of the Wauconda Go Club.  After tonight, we’ll start meeting every other week until we can bring in some more players.  So if you know of anyone who would be interested in playing Go, or learning how to play, please encourage them to join us!  With a few more players, we’ll go right back to every week!  Hope to see you tonight!

Game Night Tonight Won’t Be Upstairs

The weekly game night for the Wauconda Go Club is usually held on the second floor of Middleton’s on Main, but tonight they are holding a special dinner up there.  Therefore, we will relocate somewhere else in Middleton’s (perhaps in the restaurant, or on the front porch), but we’re still planning on playing like normal.  It’s getting colder and a little more gloomy outside, so why not learn a game that will make the wintertime seem to fly by?  Hope to see you there!

Game night is here again!

Curious about Go?  Want to know why it’s so popular?  Want to know how it differs from Othello/Reversi/Pente/etc.?  Join us for another game night at Middleton’s on Main in downtown Wauconda tonight from 6-9pm!  Be sure to come early if you can!  Hope to see you there!

WGN Radio Will Be Broadcasting Live From the Wauconda Go Club Tonight!

Well, technically, WGN Radio is broadcasting from Middleton’s on Main tonight and probably isn’t interested in Go, but the Wauconda Go Club will be playing there from 6pm – 9pm anyway.  WGN Radio will begin broadcasting at 7pm as part of a promotion Miller is sponsoring where they will be giving away a pair of Bears tickets.  The Wauconda Go Club is planning on playing as usual, but we may be somewhere else than our normal upstairs location, and depending on the noise/crowd, we may cut the evening short.  But don’t miss out on this opportunity to demonstrate Go to a few more people!   Hope to see you there!

Ready to Strike a Game?

In Japan, it’s not as common to ask someone to play a game of Go.  It’s much more common to ask someone if they would like to strike a game, perhaps owing to the little extra vigor some professionals put into placing their stones on the board.  Go has a long and rich history of players and playing styles.  Come learn about them at the Wauconda Go Club tonight at Middleton’s on Main for our regular game night from 6pm-9pm!  We look forward to seeing you there!